Services for franchisors

Franchising your business can be a successful method of expanding your business. Your brand can grow nationally and even globally, and you’ll be relieved of the burden of overseeing day-to-day functioning of each location. When properly structured, both sides can benefit enormously.

Rose Corporate has assisted many franchisors over the years. We are well known within the industry as the go-to firm for franchising your business. Our services are comprehensive and specialised for franchising business.

Services we provide:

  • Annual Statutory Financial Statements and Income Tax Returns for the business and family group
  • Specialist Franchise Corporate Structuring
  • Business performance monitoring and advice
  • Tax Planning
  • Availability for board positions
  • Mergers & Acquisition support
  • International expansion services though a network of experts
  • Liaising with Financial Institutions and Funders
  • Liaising with professional legal and specialist consultants
  • Divestment Support


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