Are you considering buying a franchise, or are you a franchisee already?

Buying a franchise can be a successful path to owning your own business. You have the advantage of a recognised brand and an efficient, proven system for operations. But it’s distinctly different to non-franchise businesses. Rose Corporate has the extensive experience with franchising you need to be successful.

Franchisees – Buy a Franchise

Choosing the right franchise means finding one that suits your skills and interests while also providing you the lifestyle and financial goals you desire. At Rose Corporate, we have assisted hundreds of families purchase a franchise business. We have developed a streamlined process to support you through all stages of your acquisition.

Services we provide:

  • Pre purchase meeting and review – Should we proceed further?
  • Negotiation with the Franchisor or Vendor on your behalf
  • Business Due Diligence
  • Referral to financier and legal professional
  • Detailed Projections
  • Business Plans
  • Recommendation and Establishing of Appropriate Legal Structures for the purpose of Tax and Asset Protection

Single and Multi Site Franchisees — Ongoing Support and Expanding

Owning a franchise means you have a proven system to operate your business. But many franchisees need additional support beyond the franchise system to maximise the return on their efforts.

Over the years we have built up substantial knowledge of many franchise systems, so we understand the key metrics to focus on and how to best advise you on your business.

We’ve helped hundreds of franchisees with all of their accounting and taxation needs. But we don’t stop with just the numbers and compliance issues. We regularly meet with our clients to monitor and advise on their business performance.

Services we provide:

  • Annual Statutory Financial Statements and Income Tax Returns for the business and family group
  • Registered Office and maintenance of your Company Registers and Trust Deeds
  • Business performance monitoring and advice
  • Tax Planning
  • Ongoing assessment of Franchise Expandability – When is it feasible to expand to multi site ownership?


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