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For small business owners, your business is likely the most valuable asset you own. But unlike the shares in an investment portfolio, you can’t just look up a few numbers online and find out what it’s worth.

Valuation experts

Your business is your proudest accomplishment. Why not choose the best as your Business Valuer?

When you engage Rose Corporate for your business valuation, you’ll be working with one of Australia’s most influential teams of valuation experts. We are regularly appointed by Australia’s major commercial banks and a number of high profile law firms to act as Business Valuers. Our firm also sits on a number of Formal Bank Panels in relation to Franchising, Supermarkets, Telecommunications, Accommodation and Retail.

Business valuation requires skilful application of proven methodologies and careful judgement. Combined with our extensive experience, we’ll perform a thorough study of your business that takes into account all the factors that affect its value.

A business might need an independent valuation for a range of situations, including:

  • New finance or refinancing
  • Business acquisition
  • Disposal or merger of a business or its assets
  • Tax considerations such as capital gains and stamp duty
  • Calculation of goodwill to update the intangible assets of your business
  • A management buy-out or buy-in
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Marital breakdowns
  • A business re-organisation
  • Litigation support


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